“The key is, no matter what story you tell, make your buyer the hero.”

- Chris Brogan

Video content is an excellent opportunity to add a touch of authenticity and relatability to
your social media campaign and website content. Video Marketing is an increasingly popular
method of reaching out and connecting with your customers, and in the right hands it can
take your business further you may have previously imagined. 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day and nearly 10 billion people watch them daily on snapchat. It’s no wonder you have decided that you need some video marketing for your brand. 

At Mint. Creative Marketing we demonstrate a strong understanding of how marketing videos work best, which approach is most suitable and effective for your business goals, and can measure their efficacy using insightful analytics. Bottom line – we create engaging video content that sells! 


video creation

Why Video?

Video is an easily adaptable, engaging medium that gives us a real-life point of view. We live in a society where reality TV shows are everywhere. People sell to people, so it’s no surprise that video works when it comes to selling a service or product. 

Video is also easy to share across a number of platforms and your future customers will like it because it’s easy to digest and entertaining. Often a welcome distraction from the daily grind. 


Informing and Educating

Videos help your clients understand products. 

With so much choice available on the markets today, we no longer need to “sell” to our customers in the same way. More often than not we need to approach our customers with a value-based offer rather than a direct sale. 

We need to show people why our product or service is better than the others out there. Videos are really great to give people an up-close view at a product, service or professional.

Staying Competetive

Videos are able to get every kind of message out into the world. What could be more practical than a short, original explainer video to help educate your audience on what your service or products can actually offer? 

Storytelling is an incredible way to grab people’s attention and keep them entertained whilst also getting them interested in you and what you have to say. 

Depending on whether it’s in keeping with your brand, you can use animated and illustrated videos to stand out from the crowd. With our expert designers and illustrators, we can provide unique videos that really POP!

Boosting Conversions

Video will help your clients make a purchasing decision. People who are able to see a product in action are far more likely to buy than those that can’t.

Your website is a great place for an explainer video. Put one on your landing pages and see your conversions increase by up to 80%

People get tired from reading on screens all day, which is why giving them content in a video can really help boost your conversion rate. 

I have utilised the services of Mint. Creative Marketing for over a year. In that time they have played an important role in sourcing thought leaders to provide content as well as creating a large amount of creative content for our business.

As an organisation operating in the mental health space, striking the balance between insightful, scientifically relevant prose as well as meeting the needs of our SEO advisors, is not easy. They have demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively with our wider team, to such an extent we have continually increased the level of work for her.

They are highly responsive, whilst ensuring the quality of the work being produced is not compromised. They have been able to work to very tight deadlines, on important projects such as new websites and social media platforms.
I would be happy to recommend them to other business owners and organisations as I know your experience will be a positive one.

Paul Flynn - CEO, Addcounsel