Team•work [Noun]

- cooperative or combined effort of a group of persons working together as a team for a common cause

Mint Content is led by an amazing core team and are fortunate enough to have access to a large pool of copywriting, designing and digital marketing talent.

However, we are not the only members… As soon as you engage our services, YOU become a central part of the team. We will work collaboratively, side by side with you ensuring that we get the best out of each other. 

Meet the team


Founder and CEO of Mint Creative Marketing, Araminta is responsible for running all facets of the business. She leads the team in the design and implementation of all sales and marketing strategies, and ensures that all marketing efforts on behalf of the client are guaranteed to drive traffic to their websites and boost their bottom line.

With an Undergraduates degree from UCL in Languages, and a Masters in Creative Writing and Journalism, Araminta prides herself on her ability to perceive and deliver exactly what her clients want and, better still – what their clients want.


With an avid interest in all things computer since learning to program on his childhood PC in the mid 90’s, through an early career in sales and marketing within the communications industry,

Steve can boast the unusual ability to speak both geek and human fluently. Working as a digital marketing strategist for the last 12 years, Steve has a wealth of experience taking the business goals of stakeholders, and the creative vision of designers, and turning them into successful digital campaigns.


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a background in TV, Media, Events & Marketing Alexandra has a keen eye for creating content that will get your brand noticed by your target audience.

She is a passionate communicator and goal-orientated resulting in her working across all areas of  Mint. Creative Marketing, from writing and SMO, to SEO and administration.  In her spare time, she is a multi-media artist, film producer and creative writer.


Originally from London, but residing in Bristol, Niall creates eye-grabbing and engaging social media campaigns and SEO-optimised blogs to boost your company’s search engine ranking.

He is qualified with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Linguistics and has a background in copywriting. He communicates fluently, and specialises in  interesting, unique, and accessible content for you to grow your business!


Mandy is based in London and hails from a Corporate background, where she has gained over thirty years’ experience in finance, administration, logistics, and systems and process management.

Mandy leads our operations, and with a solution focused approach and ‘yes’ mentality, she is the person that get things done!


Globetrotting Marco hails from sunny Caracas and now resides in not-so-sunny London. Marco is a wizard in all things audio-visual – he can give the Hollywood treatment to your video edits, jazz up your audio, and create amazing 2D animations.

Marco has a BA in Mass Communication and a Major in Audiovisual Arts from the University Andrés Bello, and a decade’s experience in the field. If you’ve got a concept you need to realise or footage you need edited, Marco can make your vision a reality.


Adrian resides on the beautiful Baleric island of Menorca, and is our master of graphic design.

He has been interested in the world of graphic arts since childhood, especially illustration, and graduated from The School of Art, Granada. One of Adrian’s greatest qualities is using his creative eye to turn client ideas into unique, personal and exclusive designs.


Eduardo resides in the beautiful city of Granada (Andalusia). He studied at the Institute of Arts and graduated in graphic and multimedia design at The School of Art, Granada.

Graphic design is Eduardo’s passion and this visible form of art is his niche of expertise. He is very creative and innovative, and always brings a touch of magic to his designs.


With an undergraduate degree in international promotion and marketing, and a postgraduate degree in digital marketing, Rebekah has worked across a wide range of industries, assisting in the organic growth of many organisations.

Knowing that the right choice of words can enhance a brand’s awareness and reputation, Rebekah is passionate about supporting businesses of all sizes.

She enjoys exploring all that the world has to offer in her spare time and takes a particular interest in psychology, addiction recovery, and mental health.


Lauren comes from a background of freelancing and has a passion for writing and editing.

With a BA and an MA in History,  she is a highly organised, coffee-driven copywriter who works on everything from web pages to blogs to social media.

When she’s not at her computer, you can find her trying to complete a 5K run or reading long fantasy novels. 


Brian is our Finance Manager and has been a Chief Executive for 10 years. Based in Somerset, he brings a wealth of experience in everything related to business development and finance.

In his spare time, he enjoys athletic challenges, and has completed the John O’Groats to Land’s End cycle route and finished the Devizes to Westminster Kayak race.

Araminta has been working with me on a book of mine as well as writing various articles when needed. She is brilliantly reliable and efficient and the standard of her content writing is exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend her services

Heather Hayes, CEO