“Content is king, but engagement is queen, and the lady rules the house!”

- Mari Smith

Choose Mint. Creative Marketing for faster, better results and integrated solutions that meet your digital marketing needs. Our expert knowledge means that we know what makes businesses stand out among their competitors when it comes to their online presence.

Our Social Media campaigns are cost effective, so you can place that ROI into improving your service or in another area of digital marketing, like PPC, Analytics, or SEO.

Social Media - Paid and Organic

Social Media is one of the most effective tools in your digital marketing toolkit, but only when used correctly. Your social media outlets are a means of accessing a worldwide audience immediately, so it’s vital that your campaign is well crafted.

At Mint. Creative Marketing, we create compelling social media content and interesting, engaging ads, to develop and grow a loyal customer base who will act as further promotion for your service.

We provide a paid social media service which allows you to reach your target audience, which will be determined using insightful web analytics and data. By reaching a wider audience and creating content and ads that resonate with your audience, you will gain more followers. We then provide organic social media content that encourages followers to engage and share, further promoting your business and increasing brand awareness.

Social Media Advertising - The Right Approach

Consistency is key when it comes to your social media presence. In order to effectively connect with your audience, you must demonstrate consistency with your content and relate to your audience in a way that doesn’t come across a hard sell. Essentially, it’s a conversation between you and your potential customers.

This is where we come in. By consistently delivering social media content that is engaging and relevant, and advertisements that grab attention and provide useful information, we help you develop a trusting B2C relationship that ultimately increases conversions and drives your sales.

Appropriate Strategies for Each Platform

Each social media platform functions differently in terms of how users engage with content.

We take into account your business goals and which demographics your audience fits into, then create engaging content and ad campaigns that are appropriate for each platform. Let us manage your brand reputation across all major platforms, including:

● Facebook
● Instagram
● LinkedIn
● Pinterest
● Youtube
● Snapchat
● TikTok

Increase Brand Awareness and Grow your Reputation

Brand awareness is a vitally important aspect of the transition between targeted prospect and converted customer. With consistent and relevant ads and content, we can help build your reputation and recognition as an industry leader.

Diligent Campaign Management

We consistently optimise our campaigns to make sure that performance and results are high, always. By first testing our campaigns on smaller audiences, we figure out what works best, before moving on to the primary campaign.

We carry out regular assessments of the efficacy of our campaigns, so you can trust that we always have our eye on the prize.

Tracking and Analytics

We use strong web analytics and track conversions that provide us with insightful information about your customer’s online activity, so we can gauge how successfully the campaign is progressing and tweak what we need to in order to ensure the best ROI.

The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

There are numerous benefits to be gained from expertly managed social media advertising, including:

● Cost-effectiveness
● Reach a wider audience
● Connect with customers where it matters most
● Re-target existing audiences
● Access to valuable customer data

I have utilised the services of Mint. Creative Marketing for over a year. In that time they have played an important role in sourcing thought leaders to provide content as well as creating a large amount of creative content for our business.

As an organisation operating in the mental health space, striking the balance between insightful, scientifically relevant prose as well as meeting the needs of our SEO advisors, is not easy. They have demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively with our wider team, to such an extent we have continually increased the level of work for her.

They are highly responsive, whilst ensuring the quality of the work being produced is not compromised. They have been able to work to very tight deadlines, on important projects such as new websites and social media platforms.
I would be happy to recommend them to other business owners and organisations as I know your experience will be a positive one.

Paul Flynn - CEO, Addcounsel