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Stunning Social media

Social media isn’t optional. In a world where everyone from worldwide brands to independent freelancers has their own curated social media feed, refusing to get involved cuts you off from a huge audience of potential customers and leaves you lagging behind the competition. Today’s internet user expects a steady stream of new content from the businesses and services they interact with, and will reward this creativity with engagement and connection.

At Mint, we know how to create compelling social media content that will engage potential customers and long-time supporters alike. Staying in touch with your customers through their feeds allows you to build an intimate connection that transcends the usual transactional emails and on-site interactions. We can help you build the kind of content that your supporters will not just like, but love.

Reach a wider audience

With 4.62 billion people – over half the world population – using some form of social media, you can tap into an ocean of potential supporters waiting to hear your message.

Connect where it matters

Your website is one thing. Your customers’ social media feeds are entirely another. We can help you reach your audience where they live, building a more personal connection.

Per platform stategies

We take into account your business goals and which demographics your audience fits into, then create engaging content and ad campaigns that are appropriate for each platform.

Data to help you grow

Social media provides fantastic opportunities for data-collection, allowing you to better understand your customers. The more you know about them, the easier it is to make them happy.

Why choose MINT for your Social Media?

Social media’s strength is its openness. There are many platforms to choose from, allowing different kinds of media and catering to different audiences and mindsets. Which creates a problem for you: what do you post, where, and when?

Our team has worked with every major social media platform, from Instagram to LinkedIn, building a deep appreciation of their strengths, weaknesses, quirks and behaviour. The first step is for us to understand what you’re hoping to achieve – are you looking to target a finely segmented audience with hyper-specific messages, or are you trying to build a brand with consistent, high-quality posts across multiple platforms?

We base our strategy on firm ground: data, derived from experiments and analysis, allows us to shape your social media campaign to deliver maximum value for money. We constantly optimise our campaigns to ensure the best possible performance, bolstered by a feedback loop of continual data collection and experimentation.

Choose Mint. Creative Marketing for faster, better results and integrated solutions that meet your digital marketing needs. Our expert knowledge means that we know what makes businesses stand out among their competitors when it comes to their online presence.

Our Social Media campaigns are cost effective, so you can place that ROI into improving your service or in another area of digital marketing, like PPC, Analytics, or SEO.

Frequently asked questions

Social Media FAQ's

Two are two main components to a good social media strategy: consistent content, and targeted advertising. Either can work alone, but the best approach is a mixture of both. The goal of advertising is to raise awareness and engage potential customers. With this achieved, your content can then teach them about your brand, what you offer, and why you’re right for them. We can help you with both of these aspects, crafting laser-focused ads and building the content you need to stay at the top of your customers’ minds.

More often than not, when your customers aren’t engaging with your content, it’s because it’s not the right content. Your customers have their own tastes, preferences and interests, and social media is where they spend their free time. Given how jealously most people guard their free time, you can imagine that anything you post which is irrelevant will get ignored more or less instantly. We can help you use analytics to better understand your customers, creating content that they will engage with and love.

We have a team of copywriters, including Ph.D. graduates and professional ghostwriters, who can produce consistent, high quality blogs, articles, technical pieces and other written media. Videographers, editors and animators also work in-house to provide video content and animated explainers that can inform and entertain your audience.

The first step is to reach out to us. Use the contact form below, or give us a call, so we can learn about your requirements. Having you social media handles and any statistics handy can speed up the initial process, but don’t worry if you don’t know all the details. Half the work in a successful website project is planning, and we are here to help.

Who do we work with?

Our Clients

We work with a wide variety of clients, in the UK and internationally, across a number of different of industries, with particular expertise within the healthcare sector.

We  are extremely proud of the work we’ve produced for our clients, and love to see the positive effects we have on their businesses. 

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you business grow, please reach out to us today.


“Araminta and the team at Mint Creative Marketing are the best there is in the digital marketing space. Three years ago they carried the Annual Boston International Trauma Conference through the pandemic, exceeding all expectations and increasing attendee numbers by thousands. They have been with us ever since.”

“There is no area of digital marketing that they can’t handle. It has been an absolute joy to work with them and long may it last. We would refer them to anyone we know because we trust them to deliver time and time again!”

Bessel van der Kolk and Licia Sky

Founder and CEO of Trauma Research Foundation


“Finding a marketing company to effectively deliver our unique message in the appropriate digital marketing space was always going to be a challenge. Mint Creative Marketing, by understanding Polyvagal Theory and sharing the compassionate values embedded in the theory, has exceeded all our expectations”

Dr. Stephen Porges

Polyvagal Institute Founding member


“As an investor and business owner across a range of healthcare services, I am more than aware of the challenges that come with launching new services and keeping up to speed with the latest developments across the digital marketing landscape.”

“I have had a business partnership with Mint for over 4 years now across 5 businesses and have to say their growth has been based on solid foundations, profressionalism, responsiveness and passion for their customers that is rarely seen today.

What you get with Mint is not only a great leader but a committed, connected team of specialists that span digital marketing, design, copywriting and events, I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Paul Flynn

CEO, Addcounsel

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