“Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising.”

- Milton Hershey

Hiring Mint. Creative Marketing gives your business the support of specialist digital marketing experts to grow your visibility on search engines. Businesses that underestimate the power of effective SEO miss out on a valuable marketing resource that promotes a high return on ROI.


Effective SEO that Sources Relevant Traffic

SEO is more than just a numbers game. At Mint. Creative Marketing, our aim is to help you grow your business and find customers that are willing to engage, so instead of just focusing on the quantity of your site traffic, we dig deeper and direct traffic that is of high quality, with a greater conversion potential.

Benefits of Effective SEO

If you want your potential customers to find you when they enter relevant keywords into their Google search, then it is integral that you prioritize Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Effective SEO is what you need if you want:

● Relevant traffic, instead of unnecessary visitors
● Higher visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)
● Greater Leads
● Higher Sales
● Increased Return On Investment (ROI)

Our effective SEO campaigns improve the visibility of your business on popular search engines, like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo so that your target audience won’t have to search hard to find you.

We Help You Move Forward

We begin by identifying your target audience, which helps to figure out how best to source leads and traffic, and then analyse your business competitors to see how we can gain an advantage as we move forward. To stand out amongst the large volume of competitors out there, it’s vital that you apply the best digital marketing techniques to be visible.

Once we have discovered your target audience and gathered the relevant data, we use this information to gain a greater understanding of relevant keywords, which ultimately leads to web content that meets the search demands of your potential customers.

Expert Knowledge of Everything SEO

Let us manage your SEO so you don’t have to worry about the smaller yet no less important elements of effective digital marketing.

Other than driving traffic to your site by optimising your visibility on SERPs, we provide off-site SEO services such as fixing broken pages (which can harm your visitors experience and contribute to higher bounce rates), optimising the layout of your pages so they work on all browser types, allowing different types of visitors to seamlessly access your content, and building strong links and digital PR to optimise your domain.

Why Hire Mint. Creative Marketing for your SEO Needs?

SEO optimised content that is well researched and engaging is a fundamental aspect of increasing the quality and quantity of your leads. Our diligently crafted campaigns put your business in front of the right potential customers.

SEO services available at Mint. Creative Marketing include:

● Landing page Optimisation
● Structured Data
● Web Analytics
● SEO Consultancy
● Content Marketing
● Digital PR
● Keyword Research
● Target Audience Identification

I have utilised the services of Mint. Creative Marketing for over a year. In that time they have played an important role in sourcing thought leaders to provide content as well as creating a large amount of creative content for our business.

As an organisation operating in the mental health space, striking the balance between insightful, scientifically relevant prose as well as meeting the needs of our SEO advisors, is not easy. They have demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively with our wider team, to such an extent we have continually increased the level of work for her.

They are highly responsive, whilst ensuring the quality of the work being produced is not compromised. They have been able to work to very tight deadlines, on important projects such as new websites and social media platforms.
I would be happy to recommend them to other business owners and organisations as I know your experience will be a positive one.

Paul Flynn - CEO, Addcounsel