“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

- Wendy Piersall

Mint. Creative Marketing, we stay up to date with what works in PPC and paid search ‘today’. We stay on top of technology changes and advances so we can serve your target audience in a way that improves your reputation, drives traffic, optimises your conversions, and ultimately increases your profits.

PPC and Paid Search

Integrated PPC Management

Increase your return on investment (ROI) and grow your business with specifically targeted advertising campaigns.

Our approach to pay per click (PPC) is oriented towards helping you reach your target audience across search engines and social media channels without excessive costs.

Instead of wasting money on audiences that aren’t going to convert, utilise our expert PPC advertising skills to ensure a higher conversion rate amongst site visitors.

Our Approach to PPC

We begin by identifying your target audience to make sure the ads we use are relevant, then we identify regions where those target audiences are in a majority using our specialist web analytics. Next, we target those locations for paid search.

Paid search saves a lot of wasted effort and helps to avoid reaching audiences that are not going to take the next step and engage with your business. When you hire us for PPC and paid search, you only pay for advertising when a potential customer actually clicks on your ad.

Take control of your budget, audience targeting, and ads, with our expert-led PPC campaigns.

Reach the Right Customers, and Save Money in the Process

Our knowledgeable campaign experts can deliver content that speaks directly to your customers, and is created as after in-depth research and analysis.

Our approach to PPC and paid search allows us to optimise your marketing campaigns at a fast pace, which goes a long way in maximising your return.

We place you at the forefront of your audience’s search results, which gives you an edge over your competition, and makes efficient use of brand recognition and awareness campaigns to retarget audiences.

The Benefits of PPC

PPC is one of the most effective methods of growing your business. Benefits of PPC include:

  • Cost-effectively reaching your target audience
  • Instantly connecting with your targets
  • Increasing your brand awareness

Reach your target audience without worrying about finances

PPC advertising gives you control of your budget and ad placements. By working with Mint. Creative Marketing, you can rely on consistent, up-to-date campaign optimisation, that will demonstrate the finely tuned balance between your budget and tangible results.

Instantly Connect Using PPC

It takes time for your business to rank higher in SERPs organically. While organic high ranking is an important indicator of growth and brand awareness, sometimes you need to see more immediate results.

With our PPC campaigns, we create and apply a progressive campaign strategy that drives high converting potential traffic fast.

Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition with PPC and Paid Search

If you want to get in front of the right audience quickly and make a good impression in the early stages of their purchasing journey, our PPC campaigns can help.

The higher the exposure of your brand across search engines and browser types, the more familiar your audience will become with you. This type of increase in your brand awareness not only drives sales itself but also improves your organic search rates, given the brand familiarity.

I have utilised the services of Mint. Creative Marketing for over a year. In that time they have played an important role in sourcing thought leaders to provide content as well as creating a large amount of creative content for our business.

As an organisation operating in the mental health space, striking the balance between insightful, scientifically relevant prose as well as meeting the needs of our SEO advisors, is not easy. They have demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively with our wider team, to such an extent we have continually increased the level of work for her.

They are highly responsive, whilst ensuring the quality of the work being produced is not compromised. They have been able to work to very tight deadlines, on important projects such as new websites and social media platforms.
I would be happy to recommend them to other business owners and organisations as I know your experience will be a positive one.

Paul Flynn - CEO, Addcounsel