You can begin to generate millions of dollars simply by giving away information.
- Anik Singal

It’s knowing the kind and quality of information to give that’s important. Offer tips, informative blogs and insight into what you do. Mint Content knows how to best collate the information that will leave your audience always wanting more… 

Featured case study

Araminta has been working with Khiron Clinics for a couple of months now. We took her on to write weekly blog articles and manage our organic social media posts.

Since she has been with us, she has increased our Facebook reach by thousands of people each post as well as increasing our page likes by almost two thousand people. She is also gradually building our Instagram page and has increased engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The content she produces for the blogs is always relevant and well written, as a result we have received some positive responses. I would definitely recommend her services

Romana Akram - Managing Director, Khiron Clinics

Khiron Clinics

Khiron Clinics are a group of trauma clinics based in the UK. They work with people who go round and round in treatment unable to find the right treatment path for them. Their aim is to stop this endless search for recovery by providing effective residential and out-patient therapies for underlying psychological trauma. The challenge Khiron face is that they are one of the only trauma clinics in the UK. Understanding trauma to be the root cause of many mental health conditions, is not yet common knowledge in the UK. Which is where Mint Content came in.

Khiron wanted to be known for the brilliant, groundbreaking work that they are doing. They wanted a company that could not only find the voice for their brand, but also make sure that their voice was heard among both professionals and prospective clients. It is truly revolutionary for their clients, whom often have been diagnosed, or misdiagnosed, for years to finally find out what the root of their problems is – Finally begin to treat it and recover. Khiron wants to make their treatment methods and specialised knowledge available to as many people as possible. To do that they needed to find out how best to present their message and tell their story to the rest of the world.

They contacted us to do a number of things, with one main objective: spread the message of hope offered by Khiron. Our first job was to completely overhaul the website, giving it a fresh and dynamic new look. An important part of this was focussing on SEO to make sure we were driving people to the new site. They also wanted a full digital marketing strategy both organic and paid. Our brilliant marketing and strategy team worked tirelessly on this project and we came up with a set of five landing pages to trial five different adverts across a variety of platforms.

They also wanted regular blogs writing to boost traffic, so we have been writing a post a week and sending out weekly email updates about the posts. Many of the posts have received extremely positive feedback from both prospective clients and professionals within the field.

Khiron also understood that in order to make their brand renown nationwide, they would need to up their social media presence, so they hired us to manage and post across all platforms daily. Their post reach, engagement and followers have increased massively in the time we have been posting for them.

Recent Projects:

I have utilised the services of Minta for over 6 months. In that time she has played important role in sourcing thought leaders to provide content as well as creating an large amount of creative for our business.
As an organisation operating in the mental health space, striking the balance between insightful, scientifically relevant prose as well as meeting the needs of our SEO advisors, is not easy. Minta has demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively with our wider team, to such an extent we have continually increased the level of work for her.

Minta is highly responsive, whilst ensuring the quality of the work being produced is not compromised. She has been able to work to very tight deadlines, on important projects such as new websites and social media platforms.
I would be happy to recommend her to other business owners and organisations as I know your experience will be a positive one.

Paul Flynn - CEO, Addcounsel


Addcounsel were overhauling their website and complete marketing strategy. They approached us to work on the content with their own SEO and digital marketing advisors. As a company we are always happy to work as a full package for clients, or fit in as part of their wider team.

The brief

Website – Bring clear, convincing copy to highlight the uniqueness and professionalism of Addcounsel.

Blogs – Write six blogs a month. Three very much geared toward SEO content, and three to be more journalistic and thought provoking.

The Basics

Brainstorming ideas and language.

Fully immersed ourselves in the Addcounsel culture to understand exactly what was needed.

Working with their SEO advisors to ensure we were writing what was needed to keep them consistently ranking highly with Google.

Researching topics of interest across the health care fields for each blog.

The highlights

Through the website content we were able to firmly establish the Addcounsel brand and voice.

Our blogs have consistently pulled traffic to their site and have helped establish them as authorities within their field

It has been, and still is, a pleasure to have worked with Araminta for more than two years now. We’ve faced many challenges, achievements and intense moments together where Minta has always been supportive and able to deliver.

One of the most important qualities she has deployed for iCAAD is her ability to translate difficult scientific concepts into accessible languages for all audiences, turning dry science into humane entertaining paragraphs.

I value her rigor and appetite for researching before writing, and on another note her reliable smiling optimism. I believe that at the core of all this, what makes her efficient is that she is able to understand any brief, has real insight into the core values of our company and she always writes from the reader’s perspective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Christophe Sauerwein - CEO, iCAAD


iCAAD are our longest standing client, with members of our team having worked in house for them before moving over to Mint Content. We are in charge of all of their content and absolutely love working with them.

The brief

Write targeted email campaigns for specific events.

Produce a monthly newsletter for their whole database.

Write and upload all website content.

Write regular academic but accessible blogs converting dry academic language into something understandable to all.

The Basics

Regular brainstorming sessions to decide on type of content to suit each specific project.

Create weekly sales and marketing emails that need to talk to a diverse audience of professionals and general public, spanning various countries across the world.

Research a wide range of topics to ensure we generate the best and most up-to-date content for our blogs.

The highlights

The content we create for iCAAD is so diverse and reaches such a varied audience, we love being challenged constantly to find the right blend of content so we are able to reach both academic and lay people.

Through our blogs and email marketing we are helping build a robust database of both professionals and general public, bringing iCAAD’s brand to the forefront of the mental health and addictions field.

We work with clients throughout the UK & internationally