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The Importance of Email Marketing

Introducing an email list into your marketing strategy is one of the most valuable assets you can adopt when building up your own business.  It can be even more effective than social media, as it’s found to build intimate relationships between yourself and the audience. Even if you’re extremely active when managing your social media presence, the potential return is much lower than using an opt-in email list. 

Welcoming New Customers 

Before creating your emailing list, try to identify what your audience is struggling with and how you’ll be able to aid this. This essentially provides a reason for the audience to sign up, as they’ll wish to gain clarity from you in order to solve the negative impacts on their life. By offering to resolve their issues, you will quickly build an audience that will benefit from you. 

When advertising the sign-up, you may be tempted to offer your product or service at a discounted price – or even free of charge! Even though this may seem counterproductive for now, this is a great way to inform the customer of how knowledgeable you are! By doing this, you could potentially invite them to return, as they may inevitably require further information and guidance. 

But before writing, scheduling and publishing your emails, you’ll need to identify what it is that your audience desires. What can your business offer for them to subscribe to your regular content? 

When a new customer opts onto your mailing list, promptly introduce them to your brand and the content you will be offering. We suggest you orientate the email around the new subscriber as much as possible, to demonstrate that you wish to meet their needs and positively impact their life. Ways of doing this may include mentioning the customer’s name and politely welcoming them into the community. As well as this, be sure to maintain relevance in the content you’re sharing, especially in the first emails you share. 

The Challenge 

Most of us would say that setting up your email list is the easier part, what takes skill is to maintain your engagement by nurturing your audience. With an increasing amount of content injected into our everyday lives, it’s becoming more and more difficult to attract attention. That’s why it’s so important 

With an increasing amount of content injected into our lives every day, it can be easy for our emailed content to be overlooked. That’s why it’s essential to determine what exactly your audience wants to read when opening their mailbox. 

There are many ways to achieve an authentic connection between you and the audience. We suggest you distinguish and highlight your shared values to demonstrate that you both wish to accomplish the same goals, together. 

Another great way to maintain your audience’s attention is to provide them with tips and tricks for how they can also achieve their goals. This will make you appear not only knowledgeable but also trustworthy. They will feel as if you want the best for them. 

The majority of the content you share must hold immense value. it’s vital your mailing list begins and continues relating to the subject matter to maintain high engagement. 

A way to ensure you’re delivering interesting subject matters to your audience is by regularly communicating with them. This could be through online voting polls, suggestion boxes or inviting them to email directly. 

By communicating through emails, we can make each customer feel seen, heard and valued. 


Taking into consideration the lifestyle of your audience will also be very beneficial to building stronger connections. 

mails are most likely opened during the first hour of sending as this is when they’ll often sit right at the top of the inbox! So be wary of deciding on a time to send out your content and adapt it to your audience’s lifestyle. 

 For example, if your targeted audience is significantly full-time professionals, we suggest scheduling your emails for delivery in the morning before they start the working day. You can check in with your analytics to research the best times for your audience. 

Essentially, the more you know your customers, the more you’ll be able to serve them which shall grow further engagement.  


The best way to sustain an audience is through delivering consistent value to keep them wanting to open your emails. Show empathy and authenticity to reinforce their trust and dedication to you. 

Try not to be disheartened if your email opening rates rise and fall, it’s all about trial and error! Over time, you’ll grow more knowledgeable about what’s most beneficial for your audience, perform the results and expand your business! 


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