PEOPLE AREN'T INTERESTED IN YOU. They’re interested in themselves...

This was true at the turn of the 20th century, when Dale Carnegie first said it, and is even more so now. 

With technology and social media driving people into an increasingly personalised world, businesses that know how to talk to their customers on a personal level go from strength to strength. Those that don’t… don’t.

We can help you find your voice, tell your story, engage your audience & grow your business.

Why mint. creative marketing?


Our content writing is brilliant, that goes without saying. But lots of people can write good copy. Even brilliant copy like ours. However content writing needs to be focused. It needs to be written to interest and be interested in your audience so that it is used to channel constant traffic to your site. We understand strategy and have the UK’s best digital strategist leading our strategy team. If it’s strategy you’re after, he will guide everything we write so that it achieves what you need it to achieve.


You might be unique. You might also be really good at what you do. But guess what? So are many other people that do what you do. That’s why you need absolute Mint Content. Our team combines creativity with intellect and knowledge and can make your voice better known, more powerful, more persuasive and more knowledgeable than all of the other “unique” bods within your industry.


In order for your business to work, it needs to be known. In fact, it needs to be reKNOWN. In today’s market, this is all down to Google and SEO tactics. Fortunately we have our finger on the pulse and know how to get your website found by the right people, using the right search keywords and terms.


You may have come to us just for words, because we do words extremely well. However, if we spot any holes in your overall digital marketing pipeline, we will let you know. We are fortunate to have a brilliant designer who can tweak and perfect any branding issues, and we can also add to your current SEO and PPC if needs be.


Our team has been specially picked for their outstanding skill in their particular area of expertise. We have specialists in copy writing, social media, content strategy, SEO and digital marketing and branding – for any industry. Including yours.